Hed Kandi

Hed Kandi is the world’s most fabulous music and lifestyle brand, encompassing a record label, a chain of bars, a fashion brand, a radio show and an international clubbing sensation as well as hoards of fans al over the globe. Since its birth in 1999 as a humble funky house compilation brand, Hed Kandi has flourished and to become the global phenomenon it is today with a catalogue including more than 100 albums that all showcase Hed Kandi’s feel-good signature sound.

The brand has sold 500,000 compilation copies yearly, with a total of 5 million albums sold to date. They have also been behind a host of top 40 hits and host more than one thousand global events annually – in world beating clubs like Ministry of Sound, Es Paradis and even broadcast live on Kiss FM - with over 1.5million partygoers attending in total.