Pacha Ibiza

Pacha, famous for being Ibiza’s oldest club, the cherries, VIP tables, sophisticated clubbing, playground of the rich and beautiful, amphitheatre of the superstar DJ. The Pacha brand rocks dancefloors in every corner of the globe, dominating the sound and vision of the international party scene. Four decades after its first opening in Sitges, Pacha has successfully established in countries all over the world: Brazil, Argentina, United States, Russia, Germany, England, Egypt, Portugal, Austria and Peru. The tours spread the island’s party spirit, clubbers can expect a fierce show with only the very best production, alongside Pacha’s world class in house roster of DJs and hottest dancers.

Ibiza is a music world reference, and along the years, Pacha Ibiza has become the home of great musical diversity and each one of their residents represents that variety. From Lounge music to any kind of House or from Tribal Beats to Hip Hop and more experimental music, the Pacha resident DJs always get the dance floor you are looking for.